christmas materialism

one of the perks of being a working adult is that i no longer have to depend entirely on gifts and goodwill to get some of the material things i want. i finally bought a smart phone last year and just committed to getting an accompanying laptop. murakami’s “iq84” is sitting on my bookshelf now, waiting for me to dive in next month. i’ve bought more cds than i should and indulged in a few vintage items that i have no space to put on display. needless to say my savings are almost nil. it’s a hazard of being generation y.

i’m not going to be self-righteous and say that’s the end of my materialism. i will always have a christmas wishlist that i may eventually be able to afford or finally fulfill on my own in a couple of years but would be nice to have by the end of december.


that specific brand and model of digital music player i want so badly but will never buy – because my phone (in all its brick-heavy glory) performs the same function – remains consistently on my annual christmas wishlist due to the impracticality of my desire to own it. i also refuse to purchase a full bottle of benetint because while it’s an amazing lip/cheek stain, it’s just waaaaaay too expensive to put on the budget for makeup. it may seem a little much to put what is possibly the most affordable range of products to ever successfully tame my mane on the wishlist, but i will welcome any offers to give me a year’s supply of that good stuff.

and there’s the volkswagen passat. omg the volkswagen passat!

anyway that’s enough materialism for today. it’s a public holiday and i plan to go back to bed for another hour before letting my day start proper. still deciding whether to nurse my cold or make full use of the day and risk having to get an mc tomorrow because i swear my sinuses are clogged up with mucus. ah the perks of being a working adult.


One response to “christmas materialism

  1. You want a Passat?! It doesn’t have automatic retractable side mirrors for a 200k car y’know? Even our old Waja can do that. And it will burn your pocketS if you wreck the car, one headlamp cost 2k <– it wasn't me, my mom did it.

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