of all trades

is it better to be good at a few things or to know a little about many?

i have to confess that i don’t know enough medicine or surgery to be a reliable doctor and to my dismay i’m not interested enough in any one field to obsess over it or find inner motivation to push myself very far. i might have been an avid reader and writer at one point but my attention span has kept me from progressing much in my writing. i enjoy music but ask me about acoustics and production and i will have nothing of value to add to the conversation. same goes with all the other things i’ve dabbled in – human rights advocacy, post-production of digital photos, art appreciation, caffeine appreciation, running long(er) distance.

it’d be easy to say that i’m just interested in alot of things at the same time and make that an excuse. but even i find that hard to accept when i know several people who are genuinely good at many different things, who can be considered snobs and elitists but are absolutely qualified to demand nothing less than perfection, who can be mistaken as pretentious but really aren’t.

i don’t pretend to know alot about the things i like or find time to indulge in. they make me happy but i’m not that fussy about how good they have to be. what’s important is how they make me feel. i guess that makes me both selfish and a boring person to be around. i don’t know anything well enough to carry on a discussion about. at least a bimbo would be able to talk about her beauty regime and the pains she went through to choose the right outfit for the day.

maybe i haven’t found something that truly intrigues me or i haven’t given anything or anyone a proper chance. but i can feel myself heading towards mediocrity fast if i don’t have anything to be passionate about, or have a purpose for.


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