red coat

they entered the waiting hall together. her red coat was far too heavy for tropical weather, even in the artificially cool climate of the airport. he, on the other hand, was appropriately dressed in a polo shirt and cargo bermudas.

“you know, all i really want is to meet a great guy who is hopefully rich enough for me to not work another day in my life, so i can devote my time to taking care of him.”

she laughed the kind of laugh a woman makes when trying to impress. it confirmed my thoughts exactly – they weren’t a couple, but she hoped they would be. during the flight, she fell asleep and her head barely touched his shoulder. it was no accident, but she was hesitant about making contact.

she was right to rethink her move. he showed no signs of reciprocation the whole time they were within my field of vision. his voice had none of the added warmth and affection one directs towards a desired subject. when she dozed off, he gave her a glance but looked right back at the magazine he was reading. i couldn’t see his face clearly but his body language told me he had no intention of returning her feelings.

we locked eyes for a moment as we disembarked 40 minutes later. she had a look of defeat and i knew she had been thinking. it was likely that she wasn’t really asleep, that she was counting her losses the whole time. she broke her gaze, said something else i recognised as an attempt to get his attention again, and we went our separate ways.

i know an impending heartbreak when i see one. it’s easy when you’re an expert.


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