old age

“you meet someone, get engaged a year later, married 6 months after that…”
“isn’t that really fast?”

perhaps it’s old age speaking, but after the fancies of youthful naivete fades away, you realise it’s the big things that matter. not the flowers, the wining and dining, long walks on the beach. it’s how finances are managed, where careers are going, whether children are wanted, in what faith those wanted children are raised, rainy day plans, respect, integrity, patience. after the sacrifices and compromises, if some resemblance of love still remains…that’s all that’s needed, isn’t it?

when you’re younger, it takes a longer time to see the big picture. the complexities of life become clearer when there’s a debt to pay and the responsibility of aging parents to take on. you find there isn’t much time to spend on the frivolous aspects of courtship, that you’re lucky enough they even want to be near you and all your eccentricities, that they’re a keeper.

it doesn’t take 3 or 4 years to get there once you’re 28.

perhaps it’s old age.

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